Ever wished to shine your floor like a pro? Keeping your floor clean and shining take constant effort. Despite sweeping and mopping on a regular basis, you never really get the shining finish always you wish for. Here is where our years of professionally cleaning different types of floors can help you.

We have put together a list of must have items to clean your floor like a pro. Once you have put together your DIY floor cleaning kit, head to this floor cleaning guide where we have listed out how to maintain different types of floors, how to remove tough stains and some dos & don'ts.

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A used toothbrush (preferably hard bristles)

You might already be having a few lying around, these come handy in cleaning tile grime or for cleaning corners. Your soft bristle brush may not help, so don’t hesitate to pick up a pack of hard toothbrush for cleaning purposes.


Cif Cream Lemon Cleaner

This multi-purpose abrasive cleaner packs a punch and helps your shine surfaces with minimum effort. This is most useful for cleaning tough stains like oil or rust stains, grime between tiles, stubborn dirt on fans, etc. It can be used on a variety of surfaces around the house, kitchen and bathroom.

Gala Floor Squeegee

You cannot leave your floor after mopping to dry naturally as that will leave your floor stained. You either need to buff it with a microfiber mop or use a squeegee to push away the extra water. This also comes handy to clean outer areas like balconies where water may stagnate.


Taski R2 Hard Surface Cleaner

Taski chemicals are a household name in the cleaning industry but not so much in domestic households. This is because they are specialized chemicals not available in supermarkets or your neighbourhood stores. Then why do we recommend this? Taski R2 is a hard surface cleaner that gives you professional results, only hassle is you need to order it online. It is a concentrate and 1 litre can be diluted to 100 litres for usage so you don’t need to buy it often.

Scotch Brite Scrubber

Scotch-Brite range of products don’t need an introduction. This scrubber from Scotch-Brite is a unique, ergonomic brush to clean hard stains from tiles and floors. Combine this with the cleaning power of Cif or R2 and we have a winner combination. Apply R2 concentrate or Cif in stained areas, leave it for 10 minutes and scrub away with this scrubber. It’s also effective in cleaning corners and tiles skirting.


Baking Soda Powder

If you are a regular reader of home cleaning tips and hacks, you wouldn’t be surprised to find this item on the list. Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent and is often touted as a one stop cleaning agent for most needs. Though you may not use it for cleaning your entire floors, it is very useful for removing tough stains like grime between tiles. The best part is most kitchens already have baking soda, so it’s a handy option for your cleaning needs. You may pick any baking soda from your supermarket, it need not be food grade as food grade baking soda is more expensive and doesn’t justify using it for cleaning purposes.

Gala Cleaning Mop

Thanks to Gala, we have a slew of cleaning mops available in every supermarket. The popular ones available in the market are from Gala, Cello and Prestige, though of late many chinese makes are also available. Pick up the one you like but be sure you get microfiber refills at a later date, we would suggest going with a branded one to ensure this.


Oxo Extendable Scrubber

We all know the effort and trouble it takes to kneel down and scrub tough stains. The Oxo Good Grips Tile Scrubber comes handy as it has an extendable grip for cleaning from a standing position. The extension rod can be adjusted from 26 inches(approx 2 feet) to 42 inches(3 and half feet) which will help you scrub a variety of surfaces. The design helps your reach corners easily and the standing position allows you to put maximum effort without straining yourself. This is a must have!

Prestige Clean Home Spray Mop

Unlike the regular mops, this Prestige Spray Mop has a chamber for containing water/soap solution which will allow you to uniformly spray your surface cleaning chemical. The removable microfiber mop makes mopping a breeze.


Prestige Typhoon Cleaner Polisher

This is a one of its kind mechanized domestic floor scrubber from Prestige. It is a dual disc scrubbing machine, which has 2 revolving scrubbing discs to quickly scrub your floors with minimal effort. Most floor scrubbers are professional grade equipment from companies like Taski or Karcher which are expensive and difficult to handle & maintain at home. This is a compact floor scrubber/polisher which packs decent power with 2,200 rpm. It has detachable scrubbing brushes and micro-fiber and polishing pads for buffing the floor surface. It doubles as a bagless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter for removing fine particles like dust mites, allergy causing particles, etc.

Scotch Brite Microfiber Mop

A Revolutionary Mop for Quick Hygienic Clean - with Electrostatic Dry Cleaning Sheets and Antibacterial Wet Cleaning Sheets. This is a dual purpose mop which can both sweep and mop in one go. Its superior microfiber cloth lifts and traps dirt unlike our regular broomsticks which leaves traces of dirt behind. Adjustable handle to increase and decrease height, along with a 360 degree rotating head to clean every corner is a plus point.


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