Home is our most precious space and it takes a lot of time and energy to maintain it spic and span. We value it as much as you do. Few simple products can help you in keeping it clean for a longer time and reduce your effort.

Every home's standard home cleaning toolkit includes the regular brooms, mops, etc., in different brands, shapes and sizes. As the popular saying goes, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". Most times the standard cleaning tools are not enough to clean efficiently and effectively. We have compiled a list of 10 must have cleaning products which will help you clean your home like a pro. The best part is most of these items cost you in hundreds but cut your effort in a big way.

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Sobby Microfibre Wash and Dust Chenille Mitt Cleaning Gloves

One major worry when cleaning anything is about getting our hands dirty. This is a product which can be used for cleaning windows, computers, mobiles, appliances, furnitures, cars, bikes and practically anything we can imagine of, and still go easy on hand. It is very soft, demolishes dirt and dust and fits in perfectly on the hands. As this product comes in gloves form, it saves nicks and cuts to your hand and fingers, saves a lot of washing time as you can quickly move your hand without worrying about cloth falling from your hand. Be sure you wash it well after using it. You can purchase this item from amazon if you don’t have it in your cleaning kit.


HOKIPO Multipurpose Cleaning Brush with Dust Dirt Scraper

We do a lot of cleaning but there are those corners in windows, sliding doors, shower doors etc., where a lot of dust is trapped and it becomes quite a daunting task to remove it. With this 2 in 1 brush cum scraper, removing such debris trapped in the corners becomes quite easy. This Cleaning Brush has multipurpose uses in your home. It cleans dirt and grime from smooth surfaces and also scrapes away tough stains from windows, sliding doors and door tracks. It has tough elastic bristles that loosen dirt and grime. Ergonomic designed handle has a molded grip for a secure hold over the brush. The slim, narrow brush is designed to fit into those hard-to-reach grooves and crevices that most sponge cleaners often miss. A scraper on the opposite end scraps away tough dirt stains trapped in corners and crevices. It can be used to clean Bath Fittings (Faucets, Taps and Wash Basins), Window Sills and Panes, Gas Stoves and Countertops, Mirrors and many more household items. You can purchase this item from amazon if you don’t have it in your cleaning kit.

OKS 1002 Rubber Quick Clean with Sponge Scrub Cleaning Multi Function Glove

Washing dishes with a scrubber generally leaves our hand smelling and also makes them rough over a period of time, not to forget the bacteria which they carry. This multifunction glove easily fits into the hand and makes washing dishes a breeze. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Allergic, it protects the hands. high-temperature, oil, dirt Resistant. It can also be used to clean kitchen tops, stove and cabinets with ease. Add it in your cleaning kit and your hands will thank you for it.


IFB Essentials Descal Appliance Descaler

We use washing machines regularly to wash our clothes and get fresh and clean clothes again and again. Like our clothes need regular washing, our washing machine also needs proper care to keep working well. From the time we start using washing machines, lime scale can start to build up due to high levels of calcium and magnesium in the hard water. Lime scale can accumulate in the water filter, heating element, on the inside of your washing machine pipes, and the drum. It can cause poor water pressure, shorten the overall lifespan of your appliance, and reduce the performance of the washer. It is worth to invest a little time to do a routine cleaning of our appliances to keep them working well. With IFB descaler, we can get rid of those lime scales in washing machines and appliances. This reduces corrosive action of deposits and it reduces power consumed for heating and eliminates bad odour inside a machine. It improves washing power of detergents, and better drainage from the drum improves wash quality. As it stops damage to the machine due to scaling and hence, reduces repairs and cost. Descal can also be used for treating scale deposits on other appliances such as coffee-maker, electric kettle, steam iron and shower heads. For effective cleaning put a packet of descal in the machine drum, once every 3 months, keep the water temperature at 40 centigrade and run a full wash cycle on an empty drum.

HOKIPO cleaning squeegee wiper with cleaning brush

Cleaning gets simplified when we have a product which can do multiple things for us. This cleaning brush contains a window squeegee wiper and a hard bristled scrub brush combined in one. It is an efficient household cleaning tool capable of multipurpose uses for your household and car. The squeegee wiper has a flexible silicone blade for fast and quick wiping and cleaning without making noise or scratching surfaces. It effectively cleans car windshields, mirrors, glass windows and tiles. It has a hole in its handle for wall hanging and can be used for wet or dry cleaning. The wiper has a scrub brush inserted into its handle. This handy scrub brush can be detached and used independently. It has hard angular bristles that are durable and that can reach corners and hard-to-reach places to scrub and remove tough dirt and stains. A handy tool with multipurpose use cases you will love to add in your cleaning kit.


Rust - Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane spray for Interior Furniture & Wood Polish

We all love to decorate our home and wooden furniture are an important addition to our home decor. Regular care of wooden furnitures can make them last for a really long time. Most of us generally wipe & dust our furnitures frequently but it starts giving an old look over a period of time. Along with dusting & regular wiping, we need to use some Polish to maintain the shine of our furniture. Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane provides maximum protection for a long lasting durable finish. This Oil-Based formula is specially designed to deliver the ultimate in scratch and stain resistance as well as fast dry times in an easy to use aerosol. It features an advanced spray system that allows you to spray at any angle, even upside down for those hard to reach areas. A comfort grip trigger eliminates finger fatigue caused by continuous spraying. It is recommended for all interior surfaces including furniture, trim, cabinets and more. It is always advisable to test any solution first on a small patch and be sure of the results.

Sunshines Pink Tile Cleaner

Over time lot of salt gets deposited on walls & floor tiles in bathrooms, wash basins and water faucets etc. owing to hard water. The longer the deposits are left unnoticed, the harder it becomes to get rid of them and this gives an ugly look to the bathrooms and other areas. Using Sunshines Pink Tile Cleaner you can finally get rid of these stains. This product only helps in removing hard water stains and does not erode the smoothness of the tiles/basins and there are no fumes while cleaning. It is safe on hands but it is always a good practice to wear gloves while cleaning. Do not use this cleaner on marble/ natural stones. It may take a couple of applications based on the level of stains deposited. Purchase this item today to get rid of those ugly stains in your bathrooms.


HOKIPO hair catching & sink overflow drain cleaning brush

Hair is the most common cause of clogged bathtubs, shower drains, wash basins etc along with dirt, grease and other particles. If left unattended for long periods then the drains can completely stop allowing water to flow freely and can leave you in an uncomfortable situation, not to mention the foul smell and bacteria. If proper precautions are not taken in time, you will end up spending a lot on drain cleaning services. HOKIPO hair catching & sink overflow drain cleaning brush can help you easily remove hair clogs & dirt from clogged sinks , tub drains and overflows. Its stiff bristles cleans the debris and clears the drainage pipes, unclogging them. It is easy to clean the brush and remove the hair and dirt.

Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus 800- Watt Vacuum Cleaner

One device for complete home cleaning, whether it is cleaning your floors, carpets, upholstery, mattresses. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It comes with a lengthy power cord making it easy to reach different corners of a room. The blower helps in removing the dust very effectively and it has a good suction power. The only drawback with this product is that it gets heated quickly. Coming from a brand like Eureka Forbes you can be sure that it would last long and do the job well.


Ultispike Scraper Doormat

How do you feel when you have just finished cleaning the entire home and someone enters home along with dust? It can be quite annoying at times and more so if it is a rainy season, thereby making you clean the home again. This scraper doormat saves you time and energy as it scrapes off large amounts of dirt and debris at your doorstep. It traps and hides the dirt and is easily washable. Order this today and stop the dirt from entering your house.

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