So you have decided to hire a professional home cleaning agency to deep clean your house for the upcoming festival season.

You have done your research online, searched for the best deals and narrowed down on 2-3 options. Home deep cleaning is not a one size fits all service and not all service providers offer same level of service or same bouquet of services. The final quality depends on the experience of the cleaning provider and the kind of equipment/chemicals used. An experienced company like McLean which has been providing round the clock housekeeping services to 5-Star hotels, IT/Software Companies and Corporates, employ trained manpower and invest on professional grade hardware and chemicals. Same may not be the case with all cleaning providers you may encounter online.

Here is a quick checklist to validate your vendor before going ahead with the service.

1 . Know what’s included and what’s not

Deep Cleaning is a term loosely used for all the additional services which your domestic maid does not perform on a regular basis, for example, cleaning the toilets, scrubbing the floors. Deep cleaning is performed with professional equipment like single disc machines which thoroughly scrub your floors which are then vacuumed for clean and shine. Some deep cleaning agencies use steam cleaners to effectively eliminate oil residues on kitchen tiles. Some include balconies and equipment like chimneys as well. So make sure to clearly list out what’s included and what’s not included.


2 . Ask what equipment they use

You already have a Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner lying unused in your house, so why hire a professional? Professional cleaning agencies who are worth their price, use professional grade equipment made by manufacturers like Taski or Karcher. These have more power, suction or pressure compared to your domestic equipment thereby giving results that last for atleast 1-2 months. If your cleaner has arrived at your doorstep with a domestic cleaning equipment, red flag them straightaway!

3 . Also find out what cleaning chemicals they use

Just like equipment there are specialized chemicals for home cleaning. If you had to end up using Lizol, Domex or Colin, your maid can do the job right? Again professionals use chemicals made by companies like Taski. These chemicals give lasting results and have specialized use cases. For example, there are specific chemicals for sensitive floors like Marble/Granite and others for more rugged ones like Vitrified tiles. There are chemicals for removing hard water scales or rust marks.


4 . Enquire about the company’s experience and expertise


The biggest problem with choosing the right home cleaning professional is with identifying ones with properly trained manpower. The housekeeping sector is largely unorganized and it’s difficult to find experienced manpower in small cleaning firms. They generally employ workforce on a temporary basis who do not have the necessary skillset to use the right chemicals and equipment. What’s worse they may end up damaging your flooring or furniture in the process. For example, a few drops of toilet cleaner can permanently stain a marble floor. An experienced housekeeper knows which chemical to use in which condition. Companies like McLean which are in the industry for over 17 years have trained supervisors to carry out the entire exercise flawlessly. So choose wisely.

5 . Set the right expectations

Even with the best cleaning agency, it may be impossible to remove some stains. Many people expect a professional housekeeping agency to shine their home like a new one which is not practically possible. The upkeep and maintenance of a house on a regular basis determines how new or old a house appears, which is why we recommend a deep clean atleast once every quarter. So it is very important to set the expectations right from the beginning. Check with your service provider in advance if certain stains can be removed, if possible share pictures over email or WhatsApp to be sure. Floors like Marble can be porous and leaving them unattended can leave permanent marks. These can only be removed by polishing and not by deep cleaning. So set your expectations right and you wouldn’t be disappointed.


Hope this list would help you in your quest for finding a right professional home cleaner for your house. Feel free to call us for any queries.

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