The tradition of pre-festival cleaning, be it for Dussehra or Diwali or Pongal or Sankranthi, goes back centuries, much before the busy city dwellers started hiring professional home cleaning at the click of a mouse. It was passed on from generation to generation, not only to mark the auspices of a festival but also to ensure healthy living.

If we closely notice the major Indian festivals, each one marks the starting of a new season or the time of harvesting. Each of these occasions deserves celebration and also thoroughly cleaning homes, shops or godowns. It could be to cleanse the home from any infection once the rainy season ends and winter enters for Diwali or to tidy up the house for bringing in the newly harvested produce. It is believed that goddess Lakshmi is welcomed by deep cleaning homes, but this practise ensures homes are rid of any dirt and germs every quarter. It is believed that clean spaces allow free flow of energy, thereby making our homes healthy.

Be it for spiritual reasons or for practical healthy ones, it is always a good idea to deep clean your home to welcome the festival season. After all you don’t want the dampness of the rainy season to dampen your festive spirit. Here are few things you can do this festive season once you have cleaned your house -

Did you know sambrani (benzoin) is an excellent disinfectant and a natural fumigant. The age old method of sprinkling sambrani powder on hot coals, keeps away the moisture and dampness lingering in your homes after the long rainy season. It smells excellent without any harmful chemicals and disinfects the house.
Why use room fresheners when you can spread fragrance naturally using flowers. There is no festival where Indian households do not use generous amount of flowers and mango leaves. Flowers not only provide a splash of colour to your homes, they also give pleasing smell for a week. You can choose from jasmine, lily, rose and marigold.
Light up the house! Diwali is incomplete without lights, lamps, candles or nowadays even led lights are used. You can use scented oils which spread aroma and give a soothing feeling to your family. Throw in an aromatic oil diffuser and clay lamps, you can fill your home with joy!

Do you have any more ideas to brighten up your homes and spread joy this festive season? Do share your thoughts and do not forget to book festive deep cleaning from McLean.

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